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Winterize RV Blow Out Plug
  • Clears the water lines of RVs, travel trailers, campers, boats, pressure washers, and sprinkler systems to protect from freezing temperatures
  • Made for single person operation - this new quick connect RV blow out plug design is easy and simple to use
  • Also designed for marine use - fresh or salt water
  • Quick connect air compressor fitting (most common style produced allowing max air flow) will attach to any ¼” universal coupling
  • Allows a direct quick connection between your air compressor and the water city inlet of your RV, travel trailer, camper and boat 
  • Blow out plug is made of strong, high quality aluminum - corrosion resistant and durable 
  • Blow out plug can be attached to anything that has a female garden hose thread
  • Winterizing your RV with our blow out plug will create a safer, more secure, hands-free connection between compressor and water line.
  • Large bored out design allows maximum air flow

On sale for $9.85!

The original patented (U.S. Patent # D600,323) Winterize RV Blow Out Plug design properly clears water lines to winterize your RV, travel trailer, camper, boat, pressure washers, sprinkler systems, or any water line that has a female garden hose connection.  The purging of water helps prevent damage/destruction to water lines from freezing temperatures.  If used properly the anti-freeze that is usually injected into the drinking water lines may not be needed. 

The new quick connect design of the Winterize RV Blow Out Plug provides a direct, hands-free, single person connection between the city water port  and  air compressor.  This fitting is not a clumsy blow out hose made of multiple parts, but is a compact tool milled from a solid single piece of aluminum.  It combines a quick connect air compressor plug with the standard garden hose thread.  Just lock the air compressor in place with your new blow out plug attachment and walk away.  This provides a less expensive, quicker, easier, safer, and more efficient method of winterizing a RV water system.  Our blow out valve is not only for RV winterization, but is also engineered for fresh/saltwater marine use.  This plug's design helps answer the question " How do I winterize my RV, travel trailer, boat, or camper by myself? "

The Quick Connect Air Compressor Fitting
One end of the tool is a standard industrial ¼” quick-connect air compressor plug. This size and shape is the most common style being used.  This has the same shape and design as plugs usually found attached to your standard pneumatic tool (nailer, stapler, etc…) and will attach into any ¼” universal quick connect coupling. 

Middle Hex Nut
Middle section of our RV blow out adaptor consists of an over-sized 7/8" hex nut designed to allow easy tightening and loosening of plug by hand (either gloved or bare).  If additional torque is needed a socket, adjustable, or open/closed faced wrench may be used.

Male Garden Hose End
The other end of the RV blow out tool is a standard ¾” male garden hose thread.  This is the same thread found on all garden hoses, RV and boat city water connections.  Many home sprinkler systems and pressure washers use this same thread.  The male garden hose end is bored to create a concave shape.  This shape will allow the plug to envelop the small gasketted screen that is typically found on RV city water inlets.  The result is a tighter/leak-proof connection.

When purchasing your RV, travel trailer, camper, or boat's winterizing supplies and accessories, don't forget to upgrade your blow out plug.   The heavy-duty Winterize RV Blow Out Plug is the original and best quick connect blow out plug on the market.  This air compressor adaptor is a professional quality tool that was designed specifically to clear and clean water lines while having the user in mind.  Each plug is hand-made and individually inspected to ensure the highest of standards.

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